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Through our professional entry, we help you on your way to the purchase process.

Here we would like to give you important information so that you can easily and safely buy your property in Mallorca. We prepare for you all the steps for the purchase process:


1.The option contract (contrato de arras):
Once you have decided on your dream property, we will prepare the preliminary contract. For this purpose, the personal data of the contracting parties, the cadastral data of the property, the purchase price, the down payment amount and the individual dates for the processing are collected. Both parties agree together on a notary appointment. You then sign the agreed preliminary contract.


2.Tax number (Numero de N.I.E.): Every property owner in Spain needs an identification tax number, which is assigned once. These can be ordered from the Spanish Consulate. It can also be applied for through a Gestoria (service company) e.B. of the notary’s office. Of course, this tax number does not automatically mean the tax residence in Spain, but is a prerequisite for all contracts (such as electricity supplier, telephone, bank). If you do not need financing, this N.I.E. number can also be applied for at the notary appointment.


3. Down
paymentThe buyer makes the deposit (10%) within the agreed period ( in most cases to the notary’s account of the notary, where the deed is to be signed later.

The remaining purchase price is handed over at the notary appointment by a bank-confirmed check or in some cases transferred to the seller.


4.Money Laundering
ActPlease note that the transfer must be made from the buyer’s own account and the purpose of use must be clearly indicated.
The buyer’s Spanish bank issues the corresponding bank cheques before the notary appointment. As a broker, we inform you about the amounts of the individual bank cheques in good time and are happy to help with contact with the bank.

If you do not yet have a Spanish bank account, we will be happy to help you.

The following documents are obtained and checked by us:

  1. Cadastral number of the property (Referencia catastral del inmueble)
    We receive all relevant information from the Land Registry
  2. Property Register (Registro de la Propiedad):
    This document is particularly important: here we find out whether there are encumbrances such as mortgages, rights of third parties, etc. All these charges will be deleted until the sale, as all our contracts state that the properties must be handed over without reading.
  3. Property Tax Certificate (IBI y Basura):
    The current owner must prove that he has paid the property tax invoice. For this purpose, the annual ongoing payment must be made by you. With the property tax, the amount for garbage and garbage disposal is paid annually.
  4. Presentation of the Energy Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica)
    This certificate is issued by an architect and is valid for 10 years. On we commission this for you.
  5. Certificate of habitability (Cedula de Habitabilidad):
    This certificate is valid for 10 years and confirms that the property complies with the approved plans. The template is primarily necessary for houses, but is now also required for apartments. This certification is important for the utilities.
  6. Existing utilities:
    The owner lets us know what existing contracts he has, such as electricity, water, gas supply, insurance for the property.

Community costs (Comunidad):
For this purpose, the owner must also show that he has paid all community costs when handing over his apartment or house in a complex.


Legal support:
Our office takes care of the provision of all necessary documents before the notary appointment. If you wish, we will provide a multilingual lawyer at your request. You are welcome to contact us at any time.


At the notary’s appointment:

Here, too, we accompany you and are available to answer any questions you may have. After both parties have signed the deed of sale at the notary appointment, you will immediately receive the keys of your property and are immediately the new owner. Even after your notary appointment, you will be happy to answer your questions and wishes.

One-time taxes and costs for buyers:

Table of real estate transfer tax (since 01.01.2022):

Up to the purchase price of 400,000 € it is 8%
From 400.000 € to 600.000 € 9 % each
Over 600.000 € 10 % each
Over 1.000.000 € 11.5 % each


Taxes on new buildings

Exceptions are new buildings that have been offered directly by the developer. Here a VAT, also called IVA, in the amount of 10% applies. The notarization tax (impuesto sobre actos juridicos documentados) in the amount of 1.5% to

Taxes on plots

When purchasing a property from a developer, a VAT of 21% is due, plus the notarization tax.

The buyer pays the above-mentioned costs of the notary for notarization.

Compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation

For the entire preparation of the notary appointment, the processing of the personal data of the parties to the contract is necessary. You give us permission with the signature of the purchase option contract. We assure you that this personal data will only be disclosed to the persons and offices involved who are directly involved in the preparation of the notary appointment (lawyer, bank, interpreter, notary’s office, property register, community of owners, if applicable). You have the right at any time to receive information from us about all bodies that have received personal data! (EEUDG 25.5.2018)

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